Flec Candle Holder - tall

Color: Blossom Pink

€31,50 €35,00
Poppy Red
Pink Blossom
Gold Green
Mellow Yellow
Piazza beige
Candle holder size:
Flec Candle Holder - tall

Product details

Introducing Flec — a simple candle holder to spice up any desired area of your home. This adorable accessory is made of precisely bent steel, designed to handle the candle steadily.
Available in five playful colors and two compatible forms, Flec allows for endless mix & match with numerous shades of candles. Let the cozy candlelight into your interior and make your dining table, living room or bedroom instantly burst with colors!

Made of powder coated steel, resistant to mechanical damage

Fitting taper candles up to Ø 23 mm

Easy to grab and relocate

Flec Candle Holder - tall
Flec Candle Holder - tall





  • Steel


  • Matt powder coating

Relevant info

  • The candle must be held in place by the nail in the center.
  • Make sure to blow out the candle before burning itself out to avoid staining.
  • Always burn within sight.
  • Keep away from flammable objects, children and pets.
  • Wax can be removed with warm water.
  • Failure to follow instructions could result in fire hazard, injury, or smoke damage. Keep wick centered & trimmed to 1/4" to prevent smoking and soot building up on the object or other items.


Designed by Anna Pietkun, Zuza Muszalska and Damian Goliński

A group of young talented designers focused on minimalism, smart solutions, sustainability and material honesty. Constantly wondering „is that the best way to do this?” leads us to discovering not only new original forms, but also solutions that have never before been used in furniture before. Connecting this originality with a great respect and knowledge for the past achievements in our field, brings us to constant innovation and exploring new paths every time we start a process of creating a new piece.


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