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noo.ma is one of the fastest growing design brand in Europe and one of the most rapidly developing companies in Poland. For over 4 years of operation, we have delivered our products to over 30,000 customers in 40 countries, and in 2021 we exceeded the threshold of PLN 25 million in sales. We form a harmonious and well-knit team of over 40 professionals, fully committed to building the brand every day.

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Our key values

Tolerance and respect

We respect our diversity. Tolerance is one of the main principles that has contributed to creating an organizational culture that is open and full of support and empathy.

Honesty & transparency

Running a new-generation brand calls for honest and forthcoming communication – it applies both to providing insights into our production processes and pricing policy, clearly presenting the origins of products, and to direct and open internal communication.


It determines the key aspects of our business: with its increasing scale, the number of activities we undertake to make conscious use of the natural environment also increases. Currently, we pack all our products flat, without the use of plastic. The production is local & all supplies are from the European Union.

You grow, we grow

Each employee has a real influence on the shape of noo.ma. Your current ideas turn into real projects that are flexibly implemented into our daily operations. The value of our brand increases along with your individual growth, as well as with your earnings and the number of benefits.

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Meet some of noo.ma’s members

Anna Pietkun - noo.ma
Anna Pietkun
Head of Product Team
Anna Pietkun
Head of Product Team

Her main interests are industrial design and broadly understood design. She’s a well-known office DJ, loves music festivals, and she travels on her fast bicycle. Along with the Product Team, Ania grows the collection of noo.ma’s furniture and accessories.

Bartek Pestka - noo.ma
Bartek Pestka
Marketing Specialist
Bartek Pestka
Marketing Specialist

Genuinely interested in the contemporary culture and its growing connection with media, a bookworm and devoted movie-goer — at noo.ma Bartek develop his interests by being in charge of influencer marketing, co-running social media and curating the Blog section.

Adriana Sobkowiak - noo.ma
Adriana Sobkowiak
Customer Care Specialist
Adriana Sobkowiak
Customer Care Specialist

Graduate of the University of Arts, she enjoys reading about philosophy, psychology and human culture, and admires the aesthetics of the 50’s and 60’s movies. Occasionally she works in a curatorial collective. At noo.ma, Ada takes care of the customer support.

Maciej Dym - noo.ma
Maciek Dym
Head of UX & Web Development
Maciej Dym
Head of UX & Web Development

His free time mainly goes around music: Maciek performs solo and also participates in several music projects. Always up-to-date design and internet freak since childhood, Maciek picked his career out pretty much instinctively. At noo.ma he’s in charge of the visual and functional side of noo.ma e-commerce.

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People who create noo.ma are our invaluable assets. It is a team of open-minded, committed specialists, thanks to whom noo.ma is developing at such a rapid pace. It is for them and with them that we create a liberal, tolerant, and inclusive work environment – those values also stand at the fore of noo.ma.

Cyprian Bieniarz
noo.ma founder

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