Sustainability isn’t enough


Enter our world of sustainability+ and let’s go bold together. Once and for all: products won’t cost the earth.

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Plant, Forest, Plant! -

Plant, Forest, Plant!

Forests cover about 30% of the world’s land area, yet they are disappearing at an alarming rate. We set out to change that by planting 1m² of legally protected forest for every purchased item.

And here's why, thanks to your support, we're on a mission to plant 100 mln m² of Forever Forest by 2030.

Become a Fearless Forester

A bit of number crunching

0 mln m²

of Forever Forests will be planted by til 2030 (it’s almost the size of Paris!)

0k m²

is the average size of a single forest we will be planting with a non-profit organization


seedlings are required to plant a single forest (just full truck of good stuff)

0 kWh

monthly CO2 compensation of a single forest (one person monthly generates 50kWh)

0 t CO2

CO2 accumulation of a single 100-year old forest (equals to CO2 emission of 323 cars)

Transparency -

Transparency - see through us

Running a new-generation brand calls for honest and forthcoming communication. Gain a full access into our pricing policy, production processes & corporate social responsibility.

Raising awareness of those issues is the only right solution in today’s world of ambiguous online shopping as it offers you a fully conscious purchasing experience.

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Production -

Production - behind the scenes

We’ve teamed up with over 50 suppliers, both workshops and fully automated factories to provide you with outstanding quality designs.

We maintain only local production chain which reduces our carbon footprint and allows us to take great care of our products. We constantly influence our suppliers to introduce sustainable approach on a daily basis.

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They do matter


Our products are made of high-quality materials, always sourced and processed responsibly.

FSC-certified veneer

Carbon-neutral board

Water-based paints

Harmless, certified fabrics

Recyclable Aluminum

Plastic free packaging


Shipping - undisturbed

Our furniture is delivered flat-packed and plastic-free. We use multiple, easy to carry packages which saves enormous shipping space.

Not only does it reduce our carbon footprint by ~66,7%, but it also allows us to recover intact parts in case of transport damages, and to reuse any returned parcels.


Responsible Team.
Responsible Dream. is first and foremost people: kind, thoughtful and responsible individuals who drive all our initiatives forward.

None of them would be ever possible if it wasn’t for the continuous work and outstanding persistence of our team. Together, we can make impossible possible!