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Øna Sideboard

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Feo Pouf

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It’s simple – we make furniture. We believe that the space that surrounds us has an enormous impact on us and also shapes the way we perceive the world. That is precisely why we create beautiful and functional items which accompany you each day.

By cooperating with the best designers and using highest quality materials we provide you with an extraordinary experience. We check the quality of wood, fabric, and metal with which our products are made.

All furniture is made by hand, on your order. We don’t own large warehouses. Every piece of furniture is custom made with care and attention to detail.

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2018 Furniture collection

Details form a whole. Our collection has more than 500 pieces of furniture and accessories designed and created with love and attention to detail. Working with the most talented designers, we have used the best materials: brass, velour, solid wood, steel, and wool in order to create unique sideboards, tables, sofas, poufs, armchairs and many more.


We proudly manufacture our
products in Poznan, Poland.


It’s simple. Only best materials linked
with honest craftmanship.


Free delivery directly to your
doors. Always.

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