Designers design team is a group of young talented and charismatic designers focused on minimalism, smart solutions, sustainability and material honesty.

Constantly thinking is that the best way to do this and questioning the established solutions in furniture design, leads us to discovering not only new original forms, but also solutions that have never before been used in furniture, such as smart connectors.

This enables us to introduce a new, 21st century, approach to design: using eco-friendly materials, local production, flat-packaging with no use of plastic and reducing carbon footprint of every product.

Design Team -
Design Team -
Design Team -

Saving on quality is never an option and so we launch only those products that are perfect across the board.

In the same time we always strive for maximum uniqueness as we simply feel there is no point in introducing to the world products that are already available.

Connecting this originality with a great respect and knowledge for the past great achievements in our field, leads us to innovation and discovering new paths every time we start a process of creating a new piece.

Anna Pietkun -

Ania Pietkun

Detail-oriented designer with a passion for combining bold shapes, colors, and textures to create unique designs. With every project, she strives to find the perfect balance between clever and functional design, while also exploring innovative manufacturing solutions. Her approach is based on constantly pushing the limits and introducing extraordinary ideas to everyday products.

Damian Goliński -

Damian Goliński

Founder of and member of the design team. His design philosophy centers around using classic materials and clean lines to create highly functional products that are well-crafted and timeless. Damian's commitment to quality is evident in every piece he creates, and his attention to detail ensures each design being flawlessly executed.

Zuza Muszalska -

Zuza Muszalska

A curious and ambitious designer with a strong commitment to the environment. She's a successful researcher and out-of-the-box thinker, always exploring new ideas and approaches. Zuza is particularly passionate about creating clean designs with simple forms and using honest, sustainable materials.

Alicja Molińska -

Alicja Molińska

A highly creative and detail-oriented designer with a passion for solving design challenges. Highly skilled in both conceptualizing and bringing ideas to life. Her design philosophy centers around a minimalist approach with a focus on using natural materials and clean lines. Her work reflects dedication to precision and her ability to seamlessly combine form and function.