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Say hello to Hido - a majestic sideboard with lots of storage space to organize your wardrobe, put all living room knicknaks in order or to hide your winter hats and scarves in the hallway. Hido's simple form, equipped with discreet drawers, is dynamized with clear divisions and tactile surface, instantly bringing a touch of effortless elegance to any style of interior.

Equipped with 2 drawers

Appropriate height

For home & office



Height: 76 cm

Width: 146 cm

Depth: 51 cm

Total weight: 45 kg


  • Particle board / laminate


  • Black oak melamine


We believe our customers have the right to know what their products cost to make. On average, traditional retailers mark their products up 5-6 times. At it’s 2-3.

Materials & labour






Fixed costs & margin


Relevant info

  • Do not stand or sit on the furniture
  • Maximum load: 100 kg (evenly distributed)
  • Maximum load of the drawers: 30 kg per each



This product is preassembled which means that all the pieces are already ready to use. Final assembly is simply connecting these pieces together using special connectors placed in all the components. This process is easy and does not require any special tools.


This furniture is flat-packed to assure security during transportation, easy lifting and carrying as well as reduce its carbon footprint. The packaging itself is also eco-friendly with almost zero use of plastic.


Designed by Anna Pietkun, Zuza Muszalska, Alicja Molińska, Damian Goliński

A group of young talented designers focused on minimalism, smart solutions, sustainability and material honesty. Constantly wondering „is that the best way to do this?” leads us to discovering not only new original forms, but also solutions that have never before been used in furniture before. Connecting this originality with a great respect and knowledge for the past achievements in our field, brings us to constant innovation and exploring new paths every time we start a process of creating a new piece.


In how many packages is it shipped?



Delivery time

Most likely we do not own stock of this product - it is usually made to order. Regular delivery time for all board furniture, beds and tables is 4-7 weeks. All products from one order are being shipped together unless otherwise stated.

Shipping & Delivery uses the services of most common delivery companies, such as DHL, UPS and FedEx. The service includes a delivery in several packages directly to your home/office with carrying up stairs.

Hido Sideboard


Sale price€1.329,30 Regular price 189900€1.899,00 -30%
Black Oak - melamine
Hido Sideboard Sale price€1.329,30

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