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Now reading: In the creative haven of Maddie Broderick Litaise

March 02, 2023 People

In the creative haven of Maddie Broderick Litaise

Perfectly combining the work-momlife balance,Maddie Broderick Litaise, a successful Instagram persona, has always nurtured her love for mind-soothing neutrals which shows in every corner of her home, including a freshly renovated office where oak Yami Table found its place. Catch up on Maddie’s latest interior choices and get some useful advice on how to stay focused in a commonly known realm of remote working.

Hello Maddie, could you say a few words about yourself?

Hi! I’m Maddie, a professional photographer and content creator originally based in San Diego, California — but currently living in the South of France with my husband, who is French, and our son, Lennon. I had no original plans to come to France, let alone live here, but life has a way of surprising you! One summer, I bought a last-minute ticket to Paris to visit my younger brother who was touring Europe. We decided to escape to the south of France and take a train down, reserving a last-minute Airbnb that I found online... later that day, when we arrived at the building to meet the Airbnb host, it was my now-husband at the top of the stairs, keys in hand (and a big smile on his face). The rest is history!

Sounds really like a fairy tale! Especially that your „happily ever after” chapter is still going on: you are a part of a beautiful family, and you seem to fulfil yourself professionally from the comfort of your home. And while remote work comes as a great convenience for some, for others it poses a challenge: how to create a space that doesn’t distract attention? What were your ways of arranging a home office that helps to focus?

Distraction is my middle name! Especially as a mom. But I’ve learned to lean into it, to work during pockets of quiet moments, to break up the work, and to create a space that feels inspiring and like a peaceful, creative haven.

We have this adorable studio built on our terrace and it’s a great little escape when things feel too familiar in our two-bedroom apartment, and I need a change of scenery. I can step outside into “the office” and it takes me away from the laundry needed folding and other in-home distractions. Our studio office is one place that’s pretty much untouched by our little one, so it’s nice to have a space that feels fresh and less frequented.

We can tell that warm tones and natural materials are your most frequent choice when it comes to home styling. How did’s pieces blend in your interior?

Yes! Give me all the warm, neutral tones and natural materials. One of my favorite quotes that I think can apply to most areas of life is from Joshua Becker: Minimalism is the intentional promotion of the things we most value and the removal of anything that distracts us from it. I love this so much because I think so often we can get pulled away from how simple beauty can be.’s pieces have just melted into our home, they’ve neither stood out or been missed, they are just part of what makes our space comfortable, inspiring, functional, and beautiful. It can be hard to find pieces that don’t call for too much attention yet aren’t boring, so has been the perfect blend of it all in our home.

We’re in awe of how deftly you combined your content creation job with family life and being a mom to your little son Lennon. When we look at your pictures, parenthood seems like an amazing adventure! But how do you handle your professional life at the same time? Do you sometimes find it a struggle?

Ah you’re so kind! Truth be told, being a mom has always been my “dream job” so to be able to care for my child full-time and also stay creative feels like I’ve won the lottery. It’s true that each season of life looks differently. In this season, my son is my first priority, so I’ve taken on less projects and my role as a photographer has definitely changed and slowed down in pace. I'm finding more projects that allow me to stay right at home or hop down to a local cafe to shoot and projects that overall align with our daily life and rhythm.

My inspiration comes from a little all over the place. I find it most easily when I’m under the warm sun, by the water, discovering a new place, listening to new music, or simply people-watching.

Maddie Broderick Litaise, photographer

I think it’s special to incorporate my son into my content creation opportunities and for the days where it’s not possible, I’m grateful to have a supportive husband and dream in-laws to give an extra hand. For example, I’m currently sipping a chai latte at a local café, writing these responses to you on my laptop, while my mother-in-law plays with my son at a park nearby.

If you had to name your biggest inspiration, what would it be?

My inspiration comes from a little all over the place. I find it most easily when I’m under the warm sun, by the water... discovering a new place, listening to new music or old favorites, catching up with a fellow creative, making memories with a loved one... getting dressed up and going somewhere beautiful... or simply people-watching, preferably from a street-side cafe in Paris, cappuccino in hand. Living abroad has taught me that you can reach anyone with your art and that inspiration is limitless if you open your eyes to what’s around you. I’m inspired every day watching the world happen around me.

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