You do you! — Women’s Day Q&A with Fabienne Meyer

Today, on the International Women’s Day, we want to get inspired by feminine creativity and individuality. For this occassion, we catch up with Fabienne Meyer, a Berlin based artist with well-established individual style, developed through combining abstract forms with dreamlike portraits and eye-catching still lives. We would venture to say that she’s living a life of a poster child: always playing by her own rules, using her freedom of artistic expression in all walks of life.

Her apartment is serving an artful, witty, almost frivolous vibe, emphasised by the offbeat shape of Ü Pouf and lightweight silhouette of Hopp Stool. Follow Fabienne through her rooms and meet all her sides: a painter, a girlboss and a truly free spirit. 

Photos by Marie Staggat

The short introduction of yourself would be... 

I’m an artist and I run a communication & creative agency in Berlin. I love telling stories – I guess that’s what I do best.

Your Instagram bio says you're doing stuff. And that stuff is... 

Anything that includes telling my stories – I founded an agency Supergloo, where together with my amazing team I work for lifestyle brands from all over the world. I also paint whenever I can. There are some other things I’ve been doing lately, but that’s for another time. :) 

How would you describe your works?

I feel most comfortable working with large scale paintings — my style is rather childlike, combining vivid colors and interesting forms, thereby getting a lot of inspiration from American pop culture. 

"My style is rather childlike, combining vivid colors and interesting forms, thereby getting a lot of inspiration from American pop culture."

- Fabienne Meyer, artist

What do you have in mind when decorating space around you?

I feel like I want to make the things I own that really matter to me stand out. I am not interested in recreating something I’ve seen before. For example, I have these LEGO cars that I cherish, and the whole shelf around them is sort of like supporting them. Sounds so weird writing that, but it’s what came to my mind first and it feels very much like me. 

Your biggest creative boosts are... 

Children’s movies of the 80s.

Your favorite color combination? 

At the moment it’s pink & orange. 

The biggest advantage of being your own boss is... 

The freedom to make the decisions I feel really comfortable with.

"I am not interested in recreating something I’ve seen before."

- Fabienne Meyer, artist

The most beloved design piece in your home is…

It’s not a classic design piece in that sense, but I love the Balinese wooden hand stool that I bought from a little hippie vintage store in Berlin a couple of years ago. It’s probably from the 60s/70s and it is an interesting (and rather unusual) piece that draws a lot of attention. 

The greatest free-time fun is... 

My list would be too long, so I try to narrow it down to painting, watching movies, writing screenplays & spending time with my favorite human beings (doing a lot of these things).

The thing you wish to say to every woman in the world would be... 

That life is way too special, beautiful, and short to look to the left & right. You do you! 

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