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Choose a sample set and experience firsthand how our materials interact with your style, reflect light in your interior and whether they match the colors of your surroundings.

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Set includes 9 colors of samples. Fabrics are carefully selected, coming from renowned partners all over Europe. We’ve chosen cohesive palette of colors to meet the variety of styles and tastes. Theirs easy to clean, resistant and waterproof characteristics constitute practical solutions for both residential and industrial interiors.

  • Set includes 9 colors:
  • Black Tie Wool
  • Universal Grey Wool
  • Cream Beige
  • Terracotta Wool
  • Italian Olive
  • Evening Blue
  • Blueberry Pie Wool
  • Sand Beige
  • Iced Coffee Brown


Set includes 5 colors of samples. Our steel is highly resistant to most physical damages. The grainy paint on its surface enhances the durability of every piece and provides pleasant to touch structure. The material is easily maintained and can be widely applicable industrially and residentially.

  • Set includes 5 colors:
  • Vulcano Black
  • Storm Blue
  • Piazza Beige
  • Blueberry Pie
  • Wine Berry


Set includes 4 colors of samples. Our board is sourced from the most respected European suppliers. Their finish offers matte and easily maintained structure that brings enjoyable everyday use.

  • Set includes 4 colors:
  • Evening Blue
  • Almond Grey
  • Terracotta Blush
  • Deep Beet Burgundy


Set includes 6 colors of samples. Our veneers are acquired only from PEFC-certified forests. Matte finish and full perceptibility of wood structure, together with UV hardening technology gives you the full wood experience just with a higher durability for scratches and bending.

  • Set includes 6 colors:
  • Natural Oak
  • Black Oak
  • Blueberry Pie Oak
  • Piazza Beige Oak
  • Wine Berry Oak
  • Natural Walnut
  • Evening Blue Oak

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