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Now reading: New Allianz Paris office decorated with products

August 30, 2022 Places

New Allianz Paris office decorated with products

In the beautiful neighborhood of Boulevard Haussmann, on a 2.400 m2 site with a view of the Opéra Garnier, Allianz Real Estate has brought together its French teams, giving them new headquarters, designed by the design agency Saguez & Partners. We're extremely pleased to announce a dozen of products were chosen to decorate the interior.

For its new offices, the Allianz Real Estate has adopted a mixed space planning, combining the flex common rooms and the classic sedentary offices, according to the needs of each department. Folk Poufs were chosen to furnish one of the flexible meeting rooms. Whenever empty space is needed, they can be easily stored on the hands-on shelving units.

Taking into consideration the increasingly common remote work, it was decided to create an activity-based design. As a result, nearly half of the spaces accommodate different rooms dedicated to meetings. The interior is also full of various areas: a landscaped terrace, a gym, a tea-room.


Investor: Allianz Real Estate
Interior Design: Saguez & Partners
Furnishing Agency: Magam
Contractor: Norea
Photos: Seignette-Lafontan photographers

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Folk Pouf - low Sale price €191 Regular price €319
Folk Pouf - wide Sale price €239 Regular price €399
Folk Pouf - tall Sale price €184 Regular price €309

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