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Now reading: A moment of color and joy: at home of Bougie Woogie studio

August 25, 2023 People

A moment of color and joy: at home of Bougie Woogie studio

As you step into their home, you are greeted by an array of colors and shapes from the very threshold, forming a thoughtfully curated entirety. Jaz and Mati from the Bougie Woogie Studio undoubtedly possess a profound understanding of materials and hues. Recently, in their gorgeous Milanese apartment, this pair of designers welcomed a couple of's pieces.

To kick things off, perhaps you could share a few words about yourselves?

We are Jazmin Feige & Matias Gonzalez, industrial designers and founders of the Milano - Buenos Aires based design studio Bougie Woogie. Together with our two dogs, we currently live in a 110 sqm apartment in east Milan. Our design studio offers pieces made to order from our catalog; we also do consulting and special projects.

What’s the key feature good design can't do without?

We think that good design needs to solve problems in the most creative and fun way. Of course, design is the combination of Function - Technology - Shape and that triangle does not necessary need to be equilateral.

Bougie Woogie's pieces are clearly a homage to joyous palettes and funky, rounded shapes; pretty much the opposite of orthodox, minimalist design. Do you believe that these projects mirror your personalities?

Totally! The thing about our design aesthetics is that it is fun and colourful yet in a way soft and elegant. We actually combine our own pieces with more minimalistic ones or surround them by a more subtle environment to create that “moment” of color and joy. And we are more or less like that.

Somedays we go out in a colourful ensemble with different prints and textures and maybe that same day we go out to dinner wearing a white shirt with black pants and a pair of docs... Again, it's all about the balance.

We find it extremely interesting how different creatives find various ways to approach their profession. How do you usually divide your roles in the studio?

We compliment each other in work and in life – we are married :)

Jaz is the creative and outspoken half of the studio while Mati is the technical and more shy half. When a new project arrives, it’s usually Jaz who defines the brief with the client before going to Mati to see how feasible it is.

Once that first part is done, the magic starts and Mati develops the technical aspect of the project and the execution as well. Then the fun part comes back to Jaz, who’s the one that makes all the photoshoots, media, marketing, etc.

We think that good design needs to solve problems in the most creative and fun way

Bougie Woogie Studio

Not long ago, some pieces by embellished your new sunny Milan apartment. In our humble opinion, both Kob Coffee Table and Teidi Shelving Unit fit your place like a glove. Is there anything specific about that spoke to you most?

Going back to what we said about the balance between maxi and minimal design, we think pieces, specially the ones we have, are an unexpected fit to our space and the result is amazing.

The glass textures of the Kob Coffee Table and the burgundy color go great with the light blue and curves of our couch. We are also obsessed with the shade of blue of the Teidi Shelving Unit! It looks so sharp with the wooden floors, the lamp and the painting we have in our bedroom. We did a render of that corner before the shelves arrived and it looks exactly as we pictured it!

Would you mind saying a word about your biggest creative inspirations?

We get inspired each time we go back to Argentina because we get in touch with a way of living which is very “Buenos Aires” – which literally means good air.

We clean our minds from our daily life and there’s only space for inspiration and enjoyment. The coffee shops, the taxis, the architecture is very dear to our hearts and we are constantly thinking about new projects when we are there.

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