Plant, Forest, Plant!

Forests, being responsible for moderating climate change and preserving wildlife are disappearing at an alarming rate. Over 2 million trees are being cut down everyday.

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Our Commitment

As a company, we recognize the impact our activities have on the planet, and we are determined to make a positive difference. In order to help combat deforestation and promote reforestation efforts, we have pledged to allocate part of our revenue to forest planting initiatives.

How it works?

We’ve teamed up with a non-profit organization and allocate part of our revenue to biodiverse forest planting – and we actually do the planting. Thanks to your purchases we will all contribute to creating a more sustainable future. By supporting forest planting initiatives, we are not only helping to preserve the natural beauty of our planet, but we are also contributing to the health of our ecosystems and the survival of countless species of plants and animals.

Our team plants Forever Forests regularly once a year

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Our initiative is not a one-off deal. It is a continuous movement.

Join the squad of Fearless Foresters, ready to bring about change of #ForeverForest together with us!

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Become a Fearless Forester

Over decades of economic exploitation, our forests have largely become pine monocultures with a very poor undergrowth. We aim at planting various indigenous species of trees — the vast majority being deciduous trees, but also bird-friendly fruit trees to make the forests biodiverse and therefore more resistant to environmental factors.