Plant, Forest, Plant!

Forests, being responsible for moderating climate change and preserving wildlife are disappearing at an alarming rate. Over 2 million trees are being cut down everyday.

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Our Commitment

We set ourselves to reverse quick deforestation by planting 1m² of legally protected forest for each purchased item.

And here's why, thanks to your support, we're on a mission to plant 100 mln m² of Forever Forest by 2030.

1 purchased item = 1m² of forest*

*This activity doesn’t increase our pricing, nor add additional costs for customers, but simply reduces our margin.

How it works?

We’ve teamed up with a non-profit organization called Forest Forever and transfer donations for every product purchased at Now and Forever! 1000 products sold means 1000 m² of Forever Forest.

Our team plants Forever Forests twice a year: in early spring and early autumn

Follow our regular planting journey at & our social media

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Our initiative is not a one-off deal. This is a full-on movement to be continued indefinitely.

Join the squad of Fearless Foresters, ready to bring about change of #ForeverForest together with us!

Forever Forest -

Become a Fearless Forester

Over decades of economic exploitation, our forests have largely become pine monocultures with a very poor undergrowth.

We aim at planting various indigenous species of trees (the vast majority being deciduous trees), shrubs and undergrowth plants, to make the forests biodiverse and therefore more resistant to environmental factors.

We also plant bird-friendly fruit trees and transplant forest soil monoliths containing fungi that naturally spread very slowly.

A bit of number crunching

0 mln m²

of Forever Forests will be planted by til 2030 (it’s almost the size of Paris!)

0k m²

is the average size of a single forest we will be planting with a non-profit organization


seedlings are required to plant a single forest (just full truck of good stuff)

0 kWh

monthly CO2 compensation of a single forest (one person monthly generates 50kWh)

0 t CO2

CO2 accumulation of a single 100-year old forest (equals to CO2 emission of 323 cars)