Interior styling tips from Ilona Zieltjens

If you’re searching for a fresh & positive inspiration for interior styling - Ilona’s Instagram @mamoesjka_nl is the best place to start. Beautiful photos of her cosy, pastel home are great to look at if you feel like cheering yourself up. After only a few seconds of scrolling down her world of colors, you start to forget about your everyday concerns.

We’re really pleased that Ilona picked some of our products: Maki plant pots & Folk pouf! Watch those beautiful home story photos & read Ilona's interior styling tips. 

Go through them all & try them to make your home even more unique. Don't forget to share your results with us using #noomadesign

Tip 1: Don’t be afraid to change your interior

I love to use my home as a test lab! If I haven’t painted anything for a few weeks, the paint cans literally call out to me from the closet. Keep mixing accessories, redecorate furniture or change their location - simply enjoy being your own, everyday interior stylist. Don’t worry if you’re not satisfied with some of your rearrangements - only practice makes perfect

Tip 2: Keep things simple


I like fresh white canvas decorated with vintage design or handmade items, mostly in fresh or soft pastel colors. I’d much rather have one item that I really love than five things I just like. Don’t shop on impulse, always take your time before buying something for your home.

"I like fresh white canvas decorated with vintage, design or handmade items, mostly in fresh or soft pastel colors."

- Ilona Zieltjens

Tip 3: Go crazy sometimes

My favorite piece of furniture is the vintage cupboard that my partner and I bought at a thrift store. I loved it from the first sight, but it seemed too expensive, given its bad condition. At first, we decided not to get it, but after a while we started to have second thoughts and finally got back and buy it anyway. We gave the little cupboard some love with oil and wood paste and now I think it will last forever!

Tip 4: Hunt for treasures

I like to search the internet for new treasures. I look for both new and second-hand items and design pieces as well as less expensive finds. For me, it’s very important that they’re not things that everybody likes and buys. I want stuff that is unique and available in a smaller scale. For that reason, I always search for small websites or designers that sell their own work. It’s so much more fun to purchase something in a small shop than from a big chain.

"I look for both new and second-hand items and design pieces as well as less expensive finds."

- Ilona Zieltjens

Tip 5: Do things just your own way

I think that’s my best tip I can give anyone. Make the choices yourself. Fill your home with items you really love and that make you happy. These days you can find inspiration everywhere. I like to scroll through Instagram and see all kinds of interiors, but I have to stay true to myself. Something I’ve learned over the years is to choose what makes you happy and don’t do what everyone else is already doing.


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