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Find out what’s going on lately at spaces design studio – inspiring interiors, more detailed information about our products, side projects, news, pop-ups and other events.


A closer look – Øna & Logun Sideboards

A perfect fit Both Øna and Logun sideboards are one of the most simple furniture available in our collection. They are enriched with solid brass handles which are being produced in a family owned factory. Thanks to turned wood legs sideboards gained stability and lightness in the same time. Durable quality The most crucial matter [...]

An apartment in Poznań

A new trend Short-term rentals gain popularity - more and more people while traveling abroad tend to choose private apartments as a interesting alternative to a hotel room. Flats available on the popular online services often not only offer a higher standard then the overpriced hotel but also are designed and furnished in an original [...]

2018 Collection Photoshoot

The idea With the end of summer in heart of Poznań we did a photoshoot of our new furniture and accessories collection. Weeks of intense work, litres of brewed coffee and boundless number of ideas turned in the most exciting project we have done so far. Interior and products During two days of work, together [...]
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