Yay, it's our birthday!

Even though these three years seems like a long time, it has been literally a blink for us! For this special occasion, we’ve prepared a bunch of surprises that we will be revealing, each by each, throughout the upcoming month. Up for a little sneak peek of what’s coming?

Together we’ll visit homes of creative duos and individuals from different parts of Europe. Let’s meet our hosts!


Imaginative photographers who tell stories through fun and surprising images inspired by the city, geometry and minimalism.


Sensitive photographers duo in a constant search of natural, atmospheric and emotional shots. And our good friends!


Interior stylists and photographer based in Czech Republic who has recently decided to add a blush of color to her beautiful, neutral interior.

We’ve been working really hard during the last months to introduce to you three brand new products: Oly stool, HO trolley, Mod Media Furniture. And here’s a little sneak peek!
All products available soon.

Meet our founders to find out why they’ve created noo.ma, what are their biggest desires, achievements and plans for the upcoming year. Curious of how our office looks like? We’ll let you in too!

Story coming up December.
Thank you to all of you: following, purchasing and keeping fingers crossed for noo.ma. It has already been quite a journey, but there is still a lot ahead of us!
To all of our suppliers, manufacturers, carriers, subcontractors and partners - thank you for our fruitful cooperation!
& last but not least! To our irreplaceable team. Literally, none of this would be ever possible, if it wasn’t for each and everyone of you, guys. Thank you!

Join our one-month celebration and stay tuned for more!