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03 Dec, 2021 News

We’re turning four (and let it be more!)

It’s been a blink of an eye —we still remember the first days of noo.ma: the time of constant learning through trial and error, testing our bold ideas and taking big risks. Though the path to our today’s success is easy to trace and the list of its contributors is lengthy, it’s almost unbelievable that we are where we are, only four years later.

But where are we, exactly?

Well, it’s really hard to say because we’re consistently moving forward! As we don’t want our words to seem unfounded, let us share with you some recent statistics.

First and foremost, it fills us with pride that since last year we’ve earned the trust of almost 11 000 new customers, 62% more than in the corresponding period of last year. It makes over 20 000 satisfied customers in total — and we are so grateful to every one of them!

Secondly, in the last 12 months we sold 14 310 products — it’s over 50% more than in 2020! Our unquestionable leader when it comes to sales, Ande Side Table, was bought by almost 3 000 people, which makes it the most popular product in our history.

Our unquestionable leader when it comes to sales, Ande Side Table, the most popular product in our history

Bought by almost 3 000 people!

What’s more, we constantly learn how to make the shipping process smooth sailing. Not to brag, but we’ve been quite successful this year — compared to the last year, the number of orders fulfilled within 48 hours was fourteen times higher.

Also, since our third birthday, we significantly expanded our product range. We introduced fifteen unique, brand-new designs – their creation was a great challenge for our team but each of them is absolutely one of a kind, versatile, functional and environmentally sound. We upgraded our offer of sideboards, poufs, and tables. We even had something to say in the field of open storage. And believe us, we haven’t said the last word as yet!

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It’s all about development

We’re keeping our ears open for your feedback. And we want to aim higher — that’s why we constantly look for areas for improvement, no matter whether it comes to shipping, assembly methods, or the design itself.

Remaining responsive to your ever-changing needs, we keep developing in new directions, so that our products can be welcomed in new interiors, fitting rooms of different sizes and styles. At the moment, our design team is working on a collection of colorful and cheerful home accessories, dining room additions made of honest materials, a compact version of one of our best-selling products… We could go on, but we’ve already said too much! To sum up – we keep developing and we are not going to stop!

It’s all about development

Last but not least, we’re so thankful to all of you – creative minds, tasteful decorators, and passionate homebodies – for introducing our designs into your personal space. Thank you for your support, valuable feedback, and ever-growing trust. Today we’re turning four and let us stay around for much more!

With gratitude,
noo.ma team