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Short-term rentals gain popularity – more and more people while traveling abroad tend to choose private apartments as a interesting alternative to a hotel room. Flats available on the popular online services often not only offer a higher standard then the overpriced hotel but also are designed and furnished in an original and interesting way. Location in the city centre, close to old square market, restaurants and other important venues attracts even more guests and upgrades their comfort. spaces architects faced a difficult task – complete renovation of an apartment in a historic tenement located by the Kopernika street near to the old square market. It has become an unconventional challenge to create three separate flats meant for short-term rentals.

"The Eton Bed had seamlessly connected with the dark green bedroom."

Every fully functional apartment offers you well equipped kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and a living room. Architects have decided to go for some bold and unconventional solutions, which couldn’t be applied in a long-term living space. All dark green bedroom? Glassed shower in the centre of the flat or a pass to the bathroom hidden under the kitchen wall? Why not? This is something we can only expect from a space where we’re staying for a day or two – it should be beautiful, functional but also surprising with original ideas and solutions.

Øna Sideboard - black/black

Øna Sideboard - short, walnut/black

"Streiko Bed is a perfect solution
also for this type of smaller spaces."