Take a tour of Pernille Baastrup apartment

Meet Pernille, a marketing professional who lives in a peaceful & spacious apartment in Copenhagen. The more we watch those photos, the more we’re over the moon that she picked our Snu Dresser in piazza colour to her living room. We invite you to read our interesting talk with Pernille about her top home styling tips, favorite spots in Copenhagen and the story of her vintage designs and more.
Tell us a little bit about your background - where did you grow up?

I was born in the central part of Jutland where I grew up in a traditional family. After finishing high school, I moved to Aarhus, Denmark’s second largest city, where I lived for a couple of years before moving to Copenhagen. In Copenhagen I started my studies. I have a BA in Danish Language and Literature and a Master in Digital Design. Today I work in the danish jewellery industry as a marketing consultant.  

How do you perceive Copenhagen after living there for quite some time?

I have been living here for nine years now and I never get tired of this city. There’s always something new and exciting going on. Copenhagen have a wide range of cultural offerings - there’s always a great concert or a new exhibition to go to, new restaurants are popping up all the time and at the same time the nature is close by if you need a small break.

"I treasure the white airy spaces. I once read an article with a woman that said that her white rooms gave her space to think and that is exactly how I feel in my apartment."

- Pernille Baastrup

If you’re about to choose your three favorite spots there, which ones would you pick?
Some of my favourite places in Copenhagen are Jægersborggade which is a small cobbled stoned street with coffee shops, delicious restaurants and small designer shops, and the Black Square which is part of a larger park area that stretches through the neighbourhood called Nørrebro. In springtime the trees turns pink and in autumn the square is covered with red leaves making this place always so colourful. I also love Fælledparken, which is the biggest park in Copenhagen. I have spend so many hours walking around in that park especially during my maternity leave with my son in the stroller, which makes this park quite special for me.

Do you find the city rush a little bit tiring sometimes? Is there any place you escape to?
I love Copenhagen, but it can also be very hectic. It is so refreshing to go to my parent’s summer cottage at the North Sea. The nature there is much more rough and it is often very windy. I like to take long walks along the sea and get my thoughts cleared. It’s such a big contrast from Copenhagen where everyone is always in a hurry. Time stands in a way still and people are living the slow life.
What made you decide to open up your blog? How long have you been running it?
The blog is something that was prompted by my Instagram account. It’s a space where I can go more into detail with for instance a DIY project and also a place for me to be more personal about a topic that has been on my mind. The blog has been online for just over a year now.  

You live in a spacious & peaceful apartment. What do you like the most about it?
I treasure the white airy spaces. I once read an article with a woman that said that her white rooms gave her space to think and that is exactly how I feel in my apartment. My home is my private sanctuary and it is important for me that I’m able to find peace here.
Are you willing to share with us some of your top home styling tips?
My top styling tip is actually very simple: clean up. I like that every object have a meaning – either functional or personal. Therefore, I strive to keep things minimal by surrounding myself with things that matter and dispose everything I don’t need. I’m a bit like Marie Kondo in that way, but I really find this way of decorating very liberating.

We saw many modern designs at your apartment. Among them, we’ve also noticed some amazing vintage furniture & accessories - is there a story behind them?
Most of our vintage furnitures and accessories are heirlooms as for example the teak dresser and the bowl from Royal Copenhagen which is from my grandparents. My grandmother past away last year and I really like the thought of her memory living on in my interior.

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