Folbi Modular Storage in a popular Polish plant shop!

Meet @ro_ślinka (in polish: „small plant”) a plant shop & coffee place created be Kasia & Michał in Poznań, Poland. This is a unique place where you can buy hundreds of different plant species, ask any questions regarding your green friends, drink flavorful coffee or take part in various workshops.
It's also a perfect store to get for yourself some plant accessories (pots, watering cans, fertiliser etc.), books that lets you in on a secret how to take care of your plants and so much more. As the shop itself is not too spacious, Kasia & Michał carefully planned all the rooms. They’ve chosen our modular Folbi storage system to display as many products as possible with minimum use of the space.

Create your own original Folbi configuration.

"The best thing about Folbi Storage system is how well it interacts with plants, how it completes them."

- Kasia, ro_ślinka owner

"Folbi can be freely configured, which gives us a sense of change, development - similarly to plants that are constantly growing and changing. What’s also great is that it can create an element of a space itself, but on the other hand gives a beautiful background to the exhibition.”

- Kasia, ro_ślinka owner

Does it feel like Folbi
is just right for you?