This is about our eco friendly attitude

When we started our brand we’ve promised ourselves to be more environmentally friendly each day. We've already almost completely eliminated the use of plastic in packaging & delivery of our products and we ship our furniture always flat-packed to reduce the carbon footprint. But we still don't think that’s enough.
For a while now we've been challenging ourselves to develop a much more eco friendly way of producing our products. After months of researching for new suppliers and materials, as well as redesigning our production process we're now proud to announce that we've made it! Starting January 2020, we’ve eliminated the use of chemical lacquers and melamines in favor of laminated boards made using only recycled plastic waste while producing all of our board furniture.

every day

"All of our boards are made of 100% recycled waste!"

- Damian, founder & CEO

Besides the ecological aspect of the board mentioned, it’s also very pragmatic. Nanotechnology used on the surface of the board allows you to get rid of any micro-scratches. All you need to do is to put a cloth on a damaged part and use an iron to warm the surface.
Our job here is not done yet. We will keep up the good work in making our process & products even more environmentally friendly and sustainable!

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