Meet creative team

From bright ideas, through careless dreams, endless imagination and ever-changing design to one consistent mission. Let’s dive into our creative process of content production, get to know our tricks of the trade and meet our team of ambitious & committed out-of-the-box thinkers who always brighten us up with brand-new ideas. We invite you to take a little tour of our regular photoshoot to see how collaborations and joint creative process makes us even more united every time.

From the left: Ania Pietkun - product designer, Tala Dołgowska - video creator, Damian Goliński - co-founder, Monika Mróz - communications manager

Agata Rożankowska - set designer, Wiktoria Warska - photo model

As a photoshoot usually takes place once a month, we consider it a kind of our out-of-office therapy:) Before it begins, our team spends weeks on picking the right products, finding the perfect locations, briefing the creatives, sketching sets and discussing it vividly throughout the process. As most of the people involved in content production has been connected to from the very beginning, we all have a strong mind-set on what our brand means to us which let us head toward one, consistent, visual direction. But who are those people & what contribution they’ve been introducing to our communication?

From the left: Tomo Yarmush - photographer, Ania Pietkun - product designer, Tala Dołgowska - video creator, Wiktoria - photo model, Damian Goliński and Cyprian Bieniarz - co-founders, Agata Rożankowska - set designer

It’s a place to start


First photoshoot concepts are created at Monika’s desk - our communications manager. She starts with picking the celebrity products - which usually are two main furniture. Then she selects supporting pieces like accessories and smaller furniture. All choices are always consulted with our performance, supply and operations teams as for upcoming advertising and production capacity. After puzzling all the elements up, it's time to draw first ideas, define particular personas and then scout for the perfect location. Our main communication rule is to left it partially unsaid. We really wish our photos encourage you to let your imagination run wild and therefore enable you to find yourself in every set.

"We really wish our photos encourage you to let your imagination run wild and therefore enable you to find yourself in every set."

- Monika Mróz, communications manager

From the left: Tala Dołgowska - video creator, Monika Mróz - communications manager, Wiktoria Warska - photo model

The magic of set design

Having all that initially figured out, our set designer - Agata - joins the planning. She's at most thoroughly organized person that just can't stop smiling. Agata has been designing & styling our sets since the very first photoshoot, therefore she understands our aesthetics like no other. She works out every set to the smallest details, looks for the best accessories possible, creates flowers arrangements etc. As she's also a Vocal Jazz graduate, she sometimes even entertains us with her beautiful voice.

Take a fresh look

A crucial member of our photoshoot is Ania - product designer. She has joined nearly two years ago, as a design team’s intern, but quickly become an independent designer, while creating the collection of Met, Lekko, Snu furniture family.

She’s intentionally separated from the photoshoot planning which enables her to take a fresh and unbiased look on all the sets. As a very observant, sensitive and creative individual, Ania always encourages a constructive discussion about current sets and proposes improvements throughout the way. She also makes sure every furniture function is captured correctly, in the best way possible.

One direction

Sometimes our co-founders, Damian and Cyprian, join our photoshoot team. They have an active influence on every aspects of functioning, but allowing every member of our team create freely at the same time. Damian, as a creative director, is present on most sets, glueing together all the individual visions & ideas into one, consistent strategy.

Damian Goliński - co-founder

Cyprian Bieniarz - co-founder

Outstanding creatives

Last, but not least, we have a pleasure of working with the amazing content creators like Tala Dołgowska and Tomo Yarmush. We’ve been working together with Tomo for almost a year now, producing plenty of amazing content. Even though he works for many other amazing brands and designers, we truly consider him a member of our team. His heightened sensitivity and careful listening skills allowed us to develop our own visual language throughout the way. Tala Dołgowska (video) usually works for the fashion industry, but she has understood our aesthetics and creative vibes in a flash, which resulted in producing plenty of amazing videos that will soon be available within our all social media channels. It was our very first collaboration, but we have a strong hunch that Tala will join our creative team for good!

From the left: Damian Goliński - co-founder & creative director, Tala Dołgowska - video creator

From the left: Tomo Yarmush - photographer, Agata Rożankowska - set designer

We're glad you've taken this journey with us. Hope you’ve enjoyed that as much as we did while creating new content! Soon we are about to share more „behind the scenes” stories about our office life, production insights and more. Stay tuned!