Living room inspirations - a coffee table -
22 Jun, 2021 Inspirations

Living room inspirations - a coffee table

The idea of a central point at home where everything happens, is as old as time. Living room gatherings tend to take various forms, it is therefore oh-so-essential to make each piece of your living room furniture go together with the others. Let’s make coffee tables the first step in our living-room-decorating journey.

Here goes the superstar

When it comes to living room furnishing, nothing is impossible for Looi, no matter whether you’re a keen admirer of elegant vibes, or you seek a groundbreaking statement-table. Its staggeringly shaped base goes well with puffy sofas and all one-of-a-kind decorations. All eyes on Looi! It’s a star.

Looi Coffee TableLooi Coffee Table

Looi Coffee Table

€384,30 €549,00

A hug lover

It’s super useful, super light and, last but not least, super huggy! Ande's round shape will visually soften any space. What’s more, it blends effortlessly into even the smallest flatlets. If you need a plant stand, don’t hesitate to get it. It may not show it, but Ande is absolutely capable, multi-purpose and ready to stand still. Feel free to kick back and just slide it over your sofa to make sure your teacup is within reach.

Living to tell the tale

Toglan is clearly an evergreen – it always serves warm feelings, no matter if it’s all in black or has a stylish veneered counter. Because of its powder-coated steel construction, Toglan is surprisingly durable, but also light as a feather. Staying with you for years as your living room’s strong point, Toglan will get through every family encounter, without a scratch!

Toglan Coffee TableToglan Coffee Table

Toglan Coffee Table

€349,30 €499,00

Shelves: checked! Wheels: checked!

Meet HO. It has a lot to tell you. First of all, it’s a trolley – it will follow you everywhere. Store up and show off: the lower shelf provides a perfect storage solution. Use it to display your favourite books or to keep your warm blankets close. It’s not all – HO comes in three colours. Blueberry Pie version is a ten-out-of-ten idea to juice up your living room.

Reintroducing a cuboid

Sharp-edged, perfectly simple and neat form of Kafibor is what makes it an explicit come-on for every minimalism connoisseur. Astonishing walnut and oak veneers will bring a dash of coziness to any austere room. Kafibor is extremely versatile though – it will doubtlessly get along with a snug, Hygge-ish interior, too.

A charmer of many faces

The darling of everyone, Oly will brighten up an array of interiors. Made of light aluminium with a veneered counter, it makes a very handy and easy-to-relocate helper when an additional surface is needed. Oly does good as a cool coffee table, a superb stool, a display table – you name it. And it looks so cute when paired!

mega-menu hp-sliderOly Stool

Oly Stool

€237,30 €339,00